The goal of marriage is not to avoid divorce.  Marriage was created to be a blessing of the highest order – a place where two people can know one another physically, emotionally and spiritually.  One of the foundational purposes of marriage is to experience oneness with another human being…to be naked and unashamed (Genesis 2:25).

“Marriage Is Not For Wimps” is a place to find tools to help you achieve that goal.I have had the privilege of teaching communication strategies that lead to greater oneness in marriage to families within our local church.  As I have interacted with dozens of couples, both in the class and in our home I have developed two convictions about marriage:

  1. Almost all of us want our marriage to succeed but many lack the tools necessary to achieve this goal
  2. Tools & techniques alone are NOT sufficient to create the marriage you’ve always dreamed of

For this reason I’ve made it my goal to create a balance between teaching techniques and talking about the heart issues that under-gird much of our conflict.

The purpose of “Marriage Is Not For Wimps” is to provide a place where anyone can access the materials, presentations and audio from the Martial Communication class.  There are five lessons that cover a variety of topics.  The material is best suited for a small group or workshop setting where couples can practice the techniques in a safe environment, though you can certainly move through the content as a couple.

– David Leventhal

David earned his undergraduate degree in Communication from James Madison University (Harrisonburg, VA) in and a Certificate of Graduate Studies from Dallas Theological Seminary.  He has been married to Missy since 1998.  They have six children.

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